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Cake Satin Sugar Multi-Tasking Must Haves for Darker Hues


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NEW 4 travel sized, best selling satin sugar winners and a handy, portable brush.

hello satin sugar lovers , yes, you! Great news, we’ve developed a NEW kit with the best of satin sugar, and it’s all “good to go”. To go on vacation, go in your purse, go to the gym… now go anywhere and everywhere with satin sugar.

we've packed in five travel companions just for you:
1. award winning, best selling, satin sugar hair and body refreshing powder for darker hues.
A velvety powder you sprinkle into your hands and run though your hair to refresh, renew and add volume between washings. Excess oils are absorbed leaving tresses feeling clean and looking fabulous. Talc-free and great for the body too!
2. satin sugar revitalizing hair shampoo for all hues and hair types.
This unique shampoo will revitalize & strengthen your tresses. Fortified with 9 amino acids, raw honey and golden jojoba oil to promote shine & body. (Great as a body wash too!)
3. satin sugar replenishing hair conditioner, leave-in and styling aid for all hues and hair types.
A one-of-kind, multi-purpose formulation infused with wheat & soy proteins to detangle & moisturize without weighing hair down.
4. satin sugar hair and body refreshing mist for all hues and hair types.
Mist this refreshing hair & body mist onto hair & body whenever you need a delectable pick-me-up. Vitamin B3 refreshes and tones while aloe vera soothes and comforts. (Use as a room & linen spray too!)
5. handy dandy handbag sized portable brush.
Brush out your tangles tresses and maintain your mane.

Cake girls say that it smells like baked lemon sugar… xoxo<

satin sugar is good to go!

2x66ml/2.2 fl.oz, 1x30ml/1.0 fl.oz, 1x20 g/0.7 oz

Designer Bio


From her childhood days, Heather Reier was always interested in beauty products. In 2001, at the age of 26, her passion for indulgence and products had not wavered. After using various products on the market, while she loved many of them, she couldn’t help but feel as though something was missing. She realized that the beauty world needed a line of cremes, suds and scrubs with decadent, nourishing ingredients accompanied by sophisticated packaging and a sassy, fun concept. The inception of Cake was born.

Working initially in the kitchen, Heather spent nights and weekends not resting until she had finally created the ultimate crèmes, suds and scrubs. No detail was overlooked. She studied the properties of each ingredient, insisting on using only those that would benefit both physical and emotional needs while yielding the most superior textures. Ingredients such as, mango and shea butters, coconut and jojoba oils, turbinado sugar, marshmallow, pure essential oils and whole milk were used.

This ‘beauty junkie’ s vision and ultimate goal was that this collection of goodies would trigger the emotional and physical feeling she knew the world was starved for. If this wasn't enough, Heather characterized each product with clever and distinctive namesakes. These namesakes would reflect the scent, texture and the overall experience that women everywhere would encounter when they used the products.

The next task was naming this cute, creative, hip and forward thinking company that loved all things indulgent and yummy….the one word that encompassed all of these messages and then some was, without a doubt, Cake. One year, and countless hours of research and development later, the collection was complete and ready to be ‘served’ to the world.

Heather Reier, continues to be Cake Beauty’s driving creative force and enjoys great success with her collection of decadent goodies.

The Cake Beauty collection is sold in boutiques, lifestyle stores and department stores worldwide. It has become a cult-beauty brand and a favorite among celebrities.

The "Cake MIX", coined perfectly by the girl is all about living deliciously, trusting your taste, exuding sweet style, having a tender center and getting it while it's hot.

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