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Honey, please...task list


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People need deadlines and clear expectations, especially husbands and kids who can be procrastination perfectionists. Get exactly what you want by spelling out what needs to get done! each task includes due date, importance level, reward, and consequences (at least they can't say they didn't hear you!).

notepad with approx. 40 sheets
4.25 x 11 inches
1/4 inch thickness
powerful magnetic strip on back
printed on quality bright-white paper
quote at bottom:
i like work; it fascinates me. i can sit and look at it for hours.
- jerome k. jerome

Designer Bio


Needing to better organize my daily life, I set out designing products high on wit and functionality. Realizing that other people might find my products unique and fun, I began snookus in 2004. Many Snookus products are inspired by my girl friends. The rate my date notepad, for example, came directly from my good friend who went on a million first dates after moving to a ew city. Tragically, many of the things on that notepad actually happened! Recently, several of my friends had babies. I picked their frazzled brains to find out what products would help parents, which led to my designs for letís go kids and sitterís cheat sheet. I studied graphic design at Cornish College of Arts in Seattle, where I have always lived. I am helped out by my husband, Stu, who keeps busy developing video games with his company, Surreal software. Stu is great at giving me piggy-back rides around the house as we work out company "strategery."

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